Future Projects

The Fishermen is a new organization with limited funds, but with your help we will expand our existing services and implement new projects to further benefit those in need. There are no regional limitations to our projects, but we do prefer to examine orphanages and refugee camps in countries wherein other NGOs are less involved.

The following is a list of countries wherein we have established communication with governmental officials and/or orphanage directors in preparation to begin implementing our operations as finances permit. This list is subject to change, however, due to regional stability and need for the services we offer.implemented when resources permit. Any form of support you wish to offer will be welcome.

Central Asia


Eastern Europe



Future Projects “Wish List”

The following are countries where we wish to operate once finances and experience permit:

General Projects

We believe in a well-rounded approach to helping others and in doing as much as possible to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The following is a list of projects ready to be implemented when resources permit. Any form of support you wish to offer will be welcome.

1. HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention

GOAL: HIV/AIDS is an epidemic prevalent in all regions of the world. By teaching children how to effectively prevent the transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus, as well as identifying its signs and symptoms, we hope to keep them safe from this deadly illness.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: With proper funding we wish to distribute translated information packets to orphanages. Volunteers knowledgeable of the HIV/AIDS virus are encouraged to travel with us on mission trips to help educate children and administrators about this disease. Being newcomers in the war against HIV/AIDS we welcome any support possible from veteran organizations, such as UNAIDS, to prepare an effective program.

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2. Drug Awareness and Prevention

GOAL: Being orphaned is a terrible experience, making escape from reality an appealing option to many traumatized children. We endeavor to teach orphans how to avoid substance abuse and concentrate on their futures.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: In addition to translated information packets which will be distributed to orphanages, volunteers will be encouraged to travel with us on mission trips to help educate children and administrators about the perils of drug abuse. Existing programs in the US and elsewhere which have been proven effective in the fight against drugs will be a welcome model for us to follow. Association with the UNODC is an essential part of our program.

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3. Tuberculosis Awareness and Prevention

GOAL: Tuberculosis is a deadly respiratory disease that can be found world- wide, especially in developing countries. Our awareness and prevention program will help orphaned children and orphanage administrators identify this illness and provide methods by which it may be avoided. The goal of this program is to keep these children and their caretakers safe from this highly infectious disease.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: Translated information packets for orphanages will explain how to identify and protect against Tuberculosis. Qualified volunteers will be encouraged to travel with us on mission trips to provide medical advice. Existing programs designed to fight TB in rural areas, and working in coordination with the WHO, are of particular interest.

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4. Illness Detection and Prevention

GOAL: Children in orphanages are typically housed in very cramped quarters, making the spread of disease a constant threat. Teaching children and administrators how to recognize the onset of common illnesses, as well as methods to prevent their transmission, will help keep these children healthy.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: A simple emergency guide entitled Basic Medical Care is being authored by founder Sarah Blocher. This book will be written in such a way that it will be easily translated into any language and can be understood and used by both orphanage administrators as well as children. A section will be devoted to identifying and preventing common illnesses.

Additionally, medical volunteers will be made available to provide requested information to orphanage administrators via the Forum. Questions may be answered in person during mission trips when qualified volunteers are present. Help from the CDC, UNICEF, and WHO is greatly desired.

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5. Hygiene Awareness and Care

GOAL: Hygiene awareness is of the utmost importance for a population of children and young adults. Hygienic care prevents the transmission of illnesses, and orphans in many cases have not received proper counseling regarding personal cleanliness. We intend to provide information and tools to orphaned children regarding dental care and personal health to ensure a them long and healthy life.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: Time will be spent during mission trips to teach children basic hygienic care. Financial support is needed to provide material such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. A second area of this project is providing dental hygiene classes in areas with safe, running water. Dental volunteers will be asked to travel with us to orphanages to teach directly to children how to care for their teeth. There are many existing dental missions from which we will attempt to gain advice and assistance.

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6. Education Support

GOAL: We encourage a continuous and effective education for children in orphanages and refugee camps. By providing these children with the supplies they need to attend class, as well as volunteers to help with tutoring and transportation, we hope to ensure that they will be able to achieve a well-rounded education.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: There are several parts to this ambitious project:

A) We desire to provide the supplies needed in order for children to attend class, such as books, paper, pens, etc.
B) For those for whom a school is not available, we endeavor to provide local tutors and volunteer teachers.
C) Where transportation is needed, it is our goal to hire local drivers to take children to and from their schools.

Our Education Support program is our largest and most time-intensive future project. Although there are plenty of similar programs, each country has its own particular system, so we will rely heavily on local support. Again, any advice you may have that will make our goal a reality will be greatly appreciated. Since UNICEF has been heavily involved in supporting education we endeavor to build a strong relationship with this important organization to make as much of a difference as possible.

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7. Counseling for Chilbirth/Care

GOAL: Pregnancy and child-rearing for a young single mother can seem like an impossible challenge. This project will educate soon-to-be mothers and orphanage administrators about pregnancy, childbirth, and how to provide for their child and themselves.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: Via our online forum as well as through qualified medical volunteers, we will provide information on childbirth and care. Additionally, our Basic Medical Care manual will detail the necessary points of childbirth in simple terms. A simplified instruction manual on childbirth will also be made available to all orphanage administrators. We wish for any underage mother to have access to vital information so that she does not feel alone or helpless in this difficult situation. UNICEF and UNIFEM will be two target agencies with which we will establish cooperation to further our cause.

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8. Physical Therapy

GOAL: Due to conflict or birth defect, there are many orphaned children who are missing limbs or are otherwise handicapped. Outside the US, most countries are not handicapped-friendly. These children need all the help they can get in order to function effectively in society. Of all the children who need our care, these are the ones who need us the most. Our desire is to provide information, prosthetic limbs, and therapy to prepare these children for life outside the orphanage.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: Once funding is available we will recruit physical therapists to accompany us on our missions. These therapists will assess the needs of these children and treat them how they are able. For those with more serious handicaps we endeavor to locate volunteers within the mission country willing to carry on the work of our therapists in their absence.

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8. Unexploded Ordinance Awareness and Prevention

GOAL: Thousands of children in former war zones are maimed or killed every year by unexploded mines, artillery shells, and aerial bombs. Our Unexploded Ordinance Awareness and Prevention program will educate orphaned children and orphanage administrators how to identify and avoid these threats.

HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS GOAL: We are currently seeking qualified volunteers who will travel to orphanages in former war zones to educate children in awareness and recognition of un-detonated munitions.

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Future Projects

General Projects:

What Do We Need?

As always, funding is necessary to accomplish the goals of any non-profit organization. We rely on the support of caring individuals to make our plans possible. For us to achieve the above projects we will need:

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